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Class is in SESSION: Dan McLaughlin's thread on American history makes New York Times look even more desperate

It’s rare that we come across a thread that actually gives us goosebumps. Sure, we read and cover a lot of pretty awesome threads (and a whole lot of dumpster fires), but it’s rare that this editor reads a thread and has an epiphany.


Like we did reading Dan McLaughlin’s thread on American history and classical liberalism …

Trust us, this is EPIC.

Words matter.

Context matters.

History matters.

Keep reading.


Shew, thanks for numbering your tweets, Dan.

Told you.

So good.

And this is where we got goosebumps.

Yeah, we’re political nerds, deal with it.


A natural balance.





The tools to defeat slavery.



You instead embrace the collective over ‘ALL men are created equal’.


So good.


Targeted harassment 101 –> CNN analyst claims popular, right-leaning account is fake and Lefty lemmings ATTACK

She doth protest TOO much: Hillary SNAPS when Trump shares Google’s 2016 interference report, author of report corrects her

‘Point of personal privilege!’ South Park animated real audio of the Democratic Socialist Convention and OMG-LOL (watch)

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