Guys, meet Asha Rangappa.

She thinks that since this account is supposedly a ‘nobody’ it can’t possibly have a large following, and since it is right-leaning and follows Trump it must be a fake.

Yeah, we know, it’s not a great take.

It’s fairly irresponsible for a CNN analyst to accuse an account of not only being fake but being a Russian bot from the Mueller report. Not to mention she set Steph up for all sorts of harassment with her tweet which is targeted harassment, right Twitter?

Steph responded:

Fair point.

Just the same ol’ same ol’ we’ve come to expect from CNN.


Asha says so.

And look at the way the people on her tweet responded … this should scare everyone:

How dare someone Rosemary918 disagrees with be allowed to have an account.

And there it is.

This is why it’s laughable when the Left calls the Right, fascists.


Hrm, we looked through Steph’s feed and didn’t see any such thing but hey, they’re rolling.

Ya’ think?

Gosh, wonder why.


Good question.

Nothing is wrong with her tweet.

But she has too much visibility for the Left’s comfort.

Ridiculous, ain’t it?

They really believe this.

To be fair, we don’t know Steph personally and since Twitter often refuses to verify Right-leaning accounts (even with huge followings) there is no way to be sure, HOWEVER, she has been on Twitter for eight years and like most people who rode the ‘Trump Train,’ her following is large because that was one of their goals.

And really, claiming a ‘nobody’ can’t have a large Twitter following is just a lazy way to debate.


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