Once again, @AG_Conservative comes through with a thread you’ll want to read and probably share. He states that he has asked several members of the mainstream media in private about why they don’t cover bigotry and extremism coming from Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Take a gander.

Covering the actual news is not worth the trouble.

Their readers don’t care about the truth.

And if they report on their bigotry they’ll get accused of being bigots.

All believable responses … and just wow.

In other words, our friends in the media created a monster they can’t control.

Sort of like what the Democratic Party has done.

Sadly it seems to be acceptable. We’re not seeing the mainstream media call Rashida out for using her grandmother or Ilhan for refusing to condemn the Palestinian Authority for banning LGBTQ activity in the West Bank.

And wow, that IS actual news.


They also went after Bill Maher, calling for a boycott.

In a way, we can almost see why they’d be scared … the far-left is nothing more than a bunch of bullies.


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