Donald Trump shared some interesting information about the 2016 Election and the part Google may have played in it …

This is a big deal because our delicate friends on the Left have been insisting she won the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes … not to mention this is shady AF. Hillary herself can’t seem to deal with this news.

Gosh, is it just our imagination or does Hillary appear more tense than usual?

And this is where it gets good.

Oops, it’s his testimony and his findings, Hillary.

See, Dr. Robert Epstein is not only a Hillary supporter, but he’s also the guy who studied and authored the report.

Oops again.

And he really hated correcting her.


Anyone takes issue with findings when they are guilty of said findings.

Note, we’re stalking Epstein’s timeline like crazy waiting for his tweetstorm … we will keep you posted.


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