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OH DAMN! Brit Hume just lights a Baltimore Embassy Suites UP for his disastrous stay in brutal (yet oddly polite) thread

Brit Hume stayed at an Embassy Suites hotel in Baltimore.

Yeah, Baltimore.

Guess how that went.



He tagged them and even said, ‘Dear,’.

This ain’t good.

Note, we don’t typically cover people complaining about a service or product on Twitter (we’d be here all day) but that this happened to Brit in Baltimore makes it a Twitchy. That and Brit’s tweets are just so damn BITING yet polite.

Remind us never to tick this guy off.

He continued.

Color us shocked.

Well, that wasn’t helpful.

‘I trust there will be no problem with that.’


Somebody’s in trouuuuuble.


About that …

Embassy Suites did reach out to Brit on Twitter.


Pretty sure he just shared the details of his experience …

With all of us.



It’s funny because it’s true.

On that note, we hope this all gets sorted out for Mr. Hume.


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