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Bless his silly little heart: Resister trying to instigate a coup against Trump learns the HARD WAY why that's really stupid

You know, for having spent the last several years calling Trump a traitor it’s sorta hilarious seeing the Left talk about actually committing treason. Oh, we know they don’t really have the cojones to do anything like this but man oh man, they sure like to talk tough.


Heck, Reza Aslan was talking about ‘eradicating’ Trump supporters yesterday.

Now, normally we do not highlight a rando (like Marcus here) BUT his tweet and the reactions to it are so Twitchy-worthy we have no choice.

‘Asking for a nation’.

How dramatic.

And so very NOT helpful.


If the Right had tweeted such things they’d have called us traitors and accused us of treason.

But you know … ORANGE MAN BAD.

We’re going to guess ‘Skippy’ doesn’t want to be anywhere near that front line.

Been there, done that. See the 2016 election.

Yeah, dude.


Not good.

We’re going to guess that’s a big fat no.


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