So we’re hearing plenty on the El Paso gunman being a white supremacist and talk of domestic terrorism, but since we found out that the Dayton, OH gunman was an avid Warren supporter gosh, it’s almost like that shooting didn’t happen at all.

And if you push anyone on the Left about why they’re leaving the OH shooting out they go on some ridiculous rant about Republicans enabling white supremacists or some other nonsense because they don’t want to admit how badly they botched these situations.


Andy Ngo wrote a pretty damning thread on Lefty talking points, Antifa, and other violence on the Left in regard to the Dayton gunman:

Mocked Andy getting assaulted.


Huh. Whoda thunk it?

The Dayton shooter also claimed he was a Satanist …

No wonder our friends on the Left don’t want to talk about Dayton.


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