As usual, Democrats tripped all over themselves to exploit the victims of two separate shootings over the weekend to push their agenda and play political games. And once again it appears they’ve overplayed their hand at least with regard to one gunman.

And now all of a sudden none of them want to talk about the victims in Ohio.

Wonder why that is?

Breitbart’s John Hayward wrote a pretty spectacular thread on the entire situation:

Dems can never just wait before politicizing a crisis, and it’s hurting them, more and more.

We’re not seeing anyone who isn’t absolutely disgusted with the El Paso gunman; Trump himself tweeted about gun control this morning.

‘Their wrath against the Americans they hate so very, very much.’

Damn, that’s spot on.

Ding ding ding.

And that was basically all of them.

So gross.


When you ask them which new gun-control law would have stopped these monsters they never have an answer except BAN ALL THE GUNS.

You’d think after a while they’d figure out it’s important to wait and let the facts come out before making huge fools of themselves over and over again. But if they did that we suppose they wouldn’t be Leftists.


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