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Wow, this is like REALLY dumb: Idiot sharing photo and bragging about how to damage ICE vehicles does NOT go well for him; UPDATED

Because tampering with and damaging ICE property won’t get someone arrested or even hurt.

What a maroon.


What kind of yahoo tweets this thinking it’s the least bit smart? Well, then again, we’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box these days.

Apparently, the kind of yahoo who deletes said tweet when it gets a little attention. Heh.


Yeah, go ahead ‘resistance’ types, try this. See how it works out for you.

Seeing some government agencies tagged here, Sparky.

Not a good thing.

Just sayin’.


He must want four more years of Trump because THIS is how you get four more years of Trump.


‘Stick this RIGHT in our veins!’ Seth McFarlane comes out AGAINST impeaching Trump and Lefties lose their damn minds

‘I don’t ANSWER to you’: Chad Felix Greene DROPS Ayanna Pressley for lecturing ‘queers about being a queer voice’ and DAMN

‘America didn’t ELECT you’: AOC’s rage-thread at Trump reads like she’s crying next to an empty parking lot again and EYE-ROLL

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