The INSTANT Trump tweeted about ‘the squad’ this editor knew AOC would be front and center on Twitter playing the character she thinks will get her the most attention and sympathy. This time she tempered the ‘anger’ in her thread with a little bit of fake patriotism so she didn’t sound completely unhinged.

Just really, really fake.

Sure, Trump’s tweets were … well, not great. But AOC’s reaction to those tweets? *chef’s kiss*

She and the others did exactly what he wanted them to.


Forget that we’re all pretty sure he was just talking to Ilhan Omar but you know, AOC has to make this all about her.


Health care and education aren’t rights and that has nothing to do with Trump’s tweets.

America didn’t elect these women.

Small incredibly blue districts where a glass of water with a D next to them could have won did so spare us the AMERICA tirade. Especially when we know their favorability with Americans, in general, is really, really bad.

AOC wrapped up with this:

Defending racism.

And the Oscar for most overblown and melodramatic performance on Twitter goes to …

At the end of the day, AOC is the Left’s Trump.

Ding ding ding.

And that’s what he knew would happen.

Like clockwork.


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