On Sunday after Trump tweeted some less than flattering things about ‘progressive congresswomen,’ Twitter EXPLODED as it usually does anytime the president tweets something that makes most of us wish he’d just put the phone down. Now some people think he did this on purpose, to distract from the ICE raid conversations so the agency could do their jobs without all of the noise in social media.

But others think he really screwed up by ‘uniting’ the Democrats with his comments.

After all, Nancy Pelosi came out and defended ‘The Squad’ after Trump sent his tweets …

She continued:

Interesting, right?

And at first glance, it really does seem like perhaps the infighting on the Left was coming to an end since Pelosi who has been ‘at war’ with the four came out swinging to defend them. Sadly for the Left though (heh), Nancy can ‘reject’ it all she wants, but the reaction from her own party was not exactly what you’d call positive.

So they’re blaming Pelosi for Trump’s tweets.

This works.


Seems we don’t need to worry about the infighting on the Left stopping anytime soon.

But nice try, Nan.


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