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DIRECT HIT! Piers Morgan's reminder to 'shrieking Trump-haters' about Obama and illegal aliens sets Lefties OFF (you'll cheer)

Piers Morgan had a reminder for ‘shrieking Trump-haters’ about Obama and his record of deporting illegal aliens that only made them shriek more.


None of them cared until it was politically convenient to care.

Just like they only care about lives lost that benefit their political agenda.


And since we know our good, tolerant, not-so-sweet-smelling friends on the Left deal so well with reality, they were quick to cheer Piers and his tweet on.

JUUUUUST kidding.


Look at this crap. Anything to defend Obama.

Painfully ignorant. Just painful.

Actually, while Obama was president they were being denied food and soap. We’re guessing this Kaio person saw the doctored NowThis video that tried to blame Trump for Obama’s border conditions.



You know what, we can’t even.

Umm …

Jeebus, Larry, and Broseph.

If someone rolls their eyes several times a day every day of the week could they get stuck back there? Asking for a friend.


The level of stupid people will stoop to in order to ignore the reality of Obama’s record with deporting illegal aliens is stunning, and not in a good way.


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Dumb or grossly DISHONEST!? AOC tweets NowThis video edited to blame Trump for AWFUL border conditions under Obama

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