We’re not entirely sure why TMZ would have ever interviewed Rep. Eric Swalwell in the first place, but we’re thinking after this awkward exchange about slavery and reparations they will at least think twice about inviting him on in the future.

Watch (and especially watch Harvey Levin’s face):

And once again, Eric shared this like it was a good thing.

Over/under on when this guy officially drops out of the race?

We’re still not convinced Eric isn’t a parody.

And that’s gravy for Democrats. The more we fight, the more we’re divided, the more they can push the narrative that half of this country is evil.

They need us to fight and resent one another so they can pretend to fix things when we all know they haven’t fixed a damn thing … maybe ever.


It’s weird, right?


Or he ingested a large number of paint chips, the jury is still out on this one.

‘Nuff said.


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