If we had a nickel for every time we wrote an article about the media’s obscene lack of self-awareness we’d have a crap-ton of nickels. Chris Hayes can’t figure out why more media outlets aren’t covering E. Jean Carroll’s bizarre story claiming Trump raped her in the 90s.

It’s odd to Chris that a woman who claimed she wouldn’t seek charges against Trump for this so-called rape because it would be a disservice to women being raped around the clock at the border isn’t being taken seriously by more people.

Fine, we’ll say it.

Chris is crazy.

We’ve lost count of the number of times the Left has cried wolf at this point.

It does.

Like when they insisted for eight years that anyone who didn’t support Obama was somehow a racist and it completely took away any real meaning behind the accusation.

Clever …

This editor got her confused with the evil minister dude in ‘Poltergeist 2’ at first.


There’s a strong resemblance, yes?


The Left has done so much damage to actual survivors of sexual assault and abuse … call us crazy, but we think that’s the real story here, Chris.


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