NowThis has once again edited and shared a video to mislead and push a narrative about the Trump administration that is just not true. And we thought CNN was annoying.


WOW, this is horrible, right?

So bad.

And it happened while Obama was president which NowThis just conveniently happens to leave out of their propaganda. Luckily one of our favorites on Twitter, @AG_Conservative, took time to report the actual facts.

NowThis wasn’t exactly forthcoming with the piece about Obama.

Anything to pretend ORANGE MAN BAD and he hates brown people.


The key phrase here, ‘informed people’ … there are very few of them on the Left these days it seems.

And the cages were 2014 but hey, facts are inconvenient for our good, delicate friends on the Left.

Right? Only a disingenuous, lying, hack would share this video …

Enter AOC.

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

We’re going to guess she’s being intentionally dishonest but considering she’s not the brightest crayon in the box we suppose it’s possible she really didn’t know.

She was already begging for a raise, we’re pretty sure she’s not interested in actually helping anyone personally.

But making law is so much WOOOOORK.

Scary, ain’t it?


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