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Nazi says WHAT?! Nobody blue-check DRAGGED for calling 'political opponents' Nazis and wanting them removed

Imagine going through life believing your political opponents were all Nazis.

Every day it seems like the Left loses a little bit more of their minds and the ability to understand reality. If what this nobody blue check, Josh Olson, said was true, we’re pretty positive he wouldn’t be able to tweet about it.


Because you know, Nazis.

But hey, whatever helps him sleep better at night.

You know who else wanted their political opponents removed?


Ugh, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really opened up a can of stupid with her concentration camp comments this week.

Dude, totally.

That’s because anyone who sees Nazis everywhere is unhinged.

Chad Felix Greene asked Twitter Safety why Olson’s tweet which clearly dehumanizes a large group of people, hasn’t been ‘dealt with.’

Considering we’ve seen conservatives suspended permanently for using the word ‘pansy’ this seems like a fair question to ask Twitter.


Olson responded:

At some point, we have to start accepting that some of these people simply ate too many paint chips as children and there is no reasoning with them.

Not all heroes wear capes or something.


Have a nice day though.


See, no reason to be rude.


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OMG make it STOP! AOC’s Iran strategy not quite as dumb as her concentration camps take, but it’s close (watch)

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