Oh, good. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has thoughts about the Iran situation … said literally no one, ever.

Yes, the word of the day, boys and girls, is LITERALLY.

And we are literally sick and tired of writing about AOC but considering part of our job is writing about stupid people saying stupid things we kinda sorta are drawn to write about her. Twitter is a cruel, cruel mistress.

Maybe AOC missed it but the whole diplomacy thing where we sent Iran billions of dollars didn’t really fix anything because yeah, they shot down one of our drones yesterday.

Someone is telling her she is.

Right? Just go have lunch with them, hug it out.


If only idiots would stop asking her what she thinks. Then again, she’d probably still tell us on Twitter so eh.

Ummm …


Hey, that could work.

Make up yer mind, AOC. Is Trump literally Hitler or not?

It really does.

And to think, she’s an elected official.


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