Yup, you can tell we’re getting close to the Democratic debates because the candidates are starting to snap and nip at one another.

Which has been so much fun, especially for parody accounts that like to stir it up and trigger our delicate, kind, sweet Resistance types on the Left. Of course, we’re referring to our favorite parody account and yours, Sean Spicier, who has been busy tweeting about Biden, Obama, Warren, Harris and a plethora of other things that consistently cause explosions of glitter all across the Twittersphere.

They’re such temperamental little creatures.

Awww yes, the parties magically switched sides. Because you know, so many racist Democrats became Republicans and vice versa. We realize it’s painful for the Left to admit they are the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and other atrocities but c’mon.

Edgy take is edgy!

Whoa, Sean ticked off a red hat.

Good to see he’s an equal-opportunity parody.




Neanderthal. Wow, them’s fightin’ words.

Totally homophobic.


What makes this timeline so much fun is it proves the people who scream at Spicier really have no idea who or what they’re talking about. They deal in nothing more than stereotypes and labels that enable them to avoid real conversations.

That or they’re just big ol’ poopy heads.

Imagine getting that mad over the Raptors.


And there it is, the Obama birth certificate ‘gimme’.

Too easy.


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