Nothing to see here, just a major news outlet asking really strange and personal questions about the staff of The Epoch Times.

Now, why oh why would NBC start poking around The Epoch Times?


This is creepy, right?

Of course, they have an agenda. Remember what they pulled with Kavanaugh and those texts?

From The Epoch Times:

Last week, we were contacted by two NBC reporters who posed a series of highly inappropriate questions.

The NBC reporters questioned the religious beliefs of some of our staff members, sought to discredit their beliefs, attacked our journalism based on personal opinion rather than objective analysis, and even sought out information on the personal lives of our staff.

In responding to NBC with this open letter, we are not only defending The Epoch Times, but also journalism itself, freedom of the press, and freedom of belief.

Welp, this is a tad disconcerting, doncha think?


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