This whole ‘Trump is running concentration camps’ news cycle is officially the dumbest news cycle, ever.

Yeah yeah, we know, we covered the news making this a news cycle … our bad.

But seriously, look at this crazy from CNN commentator, Angela Rye.

This is nutty.

Sooooo is she saying that we’re going to start killing illegal immigrants because gosh, it sounds a lot like that’s what she’s saying here.

All they had to do was not be crazy.

If they want to be honest about ‘death camps’ then yup, they really should start with Planned Parenthood.

*adjusts tinfoil* It’s possible.


Super neat.

Big time.

Hey, we knew we’d seen her before.

Adam Schiff and AOC eyes.


But tell us more about how evil America is for providing shelter and food to thousands of illegal immigrants while they are processed.


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