Don’t worry, folks. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only disrespected and exploited the Holocaust because she’s a hero and stuff. Like, don’t be so mean to her because like, she’s doing what’s like right … in real time.

Stupid of this magnitude really should be painful.


That this woman was actually elected says so much about the Democrats and ain’t none of it good.

Oooh, the academic consensus … alrighty.

Gotta say, we have been covering this broad for quite a while now (probably too long) but this has been perhaps her biggest and most embarrassing gaffe yet. Not only because of her original statements but because of the way she’s tried to pretend what she said wasn’t horrible. Then, throw in the idiots in the media working overtime to make her look less stupid and horrible and wowza, this has truly been a dumpster fire.

The GOP should send her a thank you card.

Wait, shouldn’t that be 11 years and 9 months or something now? We really need an ‘AOC End of the World’ Clock, doncha think?

Shhh … she’s rolling.

This guy ALMOST out-stupids AOC here … almost and hey, we realize this is no small feat.



We don’t think she understands a lot of stuff.


Sounds like her heroes dropped the ball.


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