If you follow Marco Rubio at all you know the good senator is prone to sharing various Bible verses on his timeline. Honestly, it’s a nice break from a lot of the gaslighting and virtue-signaling we see from other elected officials (looking at you, AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, Sheldon, Eric, Ted L., Cory, Kamala, Beto, Adam, Dianne, Nancy, Chuck, etc. etc.).

Nice verse, right?

Rely on God, trust him … definitely a tweet a lot of people could benefit from while reading through the sludge that is Twitter.

So of course, the Queen of Sludge herself, Alyssa Milano, had to try and pick a fight with Rubio with another Bible verse.

While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has hands down the most annoying and easily mocked account on Twitter, Alyssa is definitely in the top five.

Maybe the top three.

Other folks broke out their handy dandy ‘Hollywood Bible’:

And honestly, it just got worse from there.

C’mon man, someone has to be on Twitter writing stupid things. If not Alyssa then who?!

Please don’t ask her to try and comprehend anything, we’ll be here all day.


Welp, Alyssa, this went well.



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