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'This is BULLSH*T!' Kyle Kashuv's thread about how Harvard RESCINDED his acceptance will infuriate you

The same Harvard that accepted David Hogg (a young man who doesn’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re) has rescinded Kyle Kashuv’s acceptance because of the texts that were leaked that were sent when he was 16 years old.


Remember, it’s not enough for the Left to silence you when you offend or make them angry, oh no, they have to destroy everything about you.

Even if you’re a kid who survived a mass shooting at your high school.

Kyle wrote this thread …


Yes, Kyle was a kid and said stupid stuff.

Most kids do.


Shocker. It wasn’t enough to embarrass and shame Kyle in social media.

Oh no, they had to take everything from him and try to DESTROY HIS LIFE.


But Harvard isn’t concerned with smart, clearly. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have accepted Hogg.

No, they’re concerned with social justice, being woke, and headlines.



Cowards. All of them.







Exceptional schools.

Besides, does Kyle really want to go to a school that thinks David Hogg is some great thinker?


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