Sooo … we don’t typically cover ‘randos’ on Twitter because the person may not even be who they say they are BUT when we come across a thread or something that stands out just that much, we will.

Like this thread from Nu Ashour where she claimed she was harassed over her hijab while in a Starbucks.

Now, this could very well have happened and if it did, shame on this mysterious woman. But her story has several large holes in it and many people on Twitter ain’t buyin’ it.

See for yourself.


No one said a word, in a Starbucks. Really?


Starbucks do better?

But she said up there that she had to go outside to find a security officer. The woman who attacked her went outside too?

So was the woman inside or did she follow her outside?

Again, inside or outside?

Told you there are some holes in this story.

AND there it is.

Yeah, we didn’t see anything in her story about what the evil, racist, mean woman actually said about her hijab.

We have our doubts.

This guy realizes it’s Starbucks he’s babbling about, right?


Hey, you never know, she might be telling the truth and surely the security camera footage should be at her disposal if so but … eh.


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