As Twitchy told you Sunday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on ABC babbling about the 2020 election, the Hyde amendment, and of course, impeaching Trump. Interestingly enough, she accidentally gave away the real reason Democrats want him impeached, and that’s because they know they can’t beat him next year.

AOC admitted as much, so of course, Trump had to tweet about it.

Troll level -> UBER-master.

And like clockwork, the mini-Trump wannabe was front and center with her sad little clapback at the president.

You know Trump knew she would do this.

So. Mad.

And so embarrassing.

Dude, don’t ask. We’ll be here all day.

Perhaps AOC should worry more about being primaried in her own district, just sayin’.

But … wait for it … keep waiting … ORANGE MAN BAD.

Yeah, sweetheart.



And that’s likely the truth.

C’mon now, garbage disposals are scary and stuff.



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