Kimberley Strassel is one of a handful of journalists who has ‘kept it real’ when covering the Russia collusion hoax and the multiple players who helped make it possible. Like our favorite disgraced FBI guy and good friend, Andrew McCabe.

Watch her take McCabe, Hillary, the media and the Left apart in under a minute.

We too would love to see someone ask Hillary about her campaign paying Russians for dirt on Trump. Then again, we’d also love to see another season of ‘Firefly’ but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

Imagine a world where the media truly were unbiased and focused on covering the news instead of pushing a narrative and undermining a presidency.

He’s definitely spinning something.

Sara Carter was also on this panel, and her follow-up to Kimberley’s points brought it all together.

The weaponization of our intelligence community.

And the more we learn the more this seems to be true.


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