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BRO, you're NOT conservative: Max Boot just pantsed HIMSELF in response to question about prominent conservatives and LOL

Julian Zelizer wants to know if ‘prominent conservatives’ who have been throwing a tantrum about Trump for years now will have the cojones to not only vote for a Democrat but call on other conservatives to do the same.


We’ve seen plenty of jagoffs who used to be prominent conservatives pushing Democrats (and trying to shame others into voting for them) but yeah, pretty sure that won’t be happening in more traditional right-leaning circles.

And speaking of jagoffs …

Nope, Max does not qualify as a prominent conservatie.

We’re pretty sure he doesn’t even really qualify as a conservative anymore but whatever floats his little boat.



But tell us how you really feel.

Max had to know this wouldn’t go well.


Good talk.


Guess that’s a hard no, Max.

Better luck next time, Sparky.


‘I already know the answer’: Katie Pavlich asks Harvard BRUTAL question about rescinding Kyle Kashuv’s acceptance *crickets*

‘POTUS is right’: Yashar Ali shuts Maggie Haberman’s journo-outrage over Trump’s #CoughGate DOWN in just 1 tweet

‘This is BULLSH*T!’ Kyle Kashuv’s thread about how Harvard RESCINDED his acceptance will infuriate you

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