Remember when the media covered the number of scoops of ice cream Trump had or that he was drinking like a dozen Diet Cokes a day? Add ‘he asked someone who kept coughing during his interview to leave the room’ to that list.

The nerve of the president asking someone who was coughing to leave so they wouldn’t be a distraction during his interview!

Yes, yes we are rolling our eyes.

A lot.

And you’d think by now nothing would surprise us when talking about the lovely, traditional media.

Nobody likes that.

But you know how it goes … say it with us: ORANGE. MAN. BAD.



And yup, everything is still stupid.

Yashar Ali responded.

Yashar is right.

Who knew?

We like how he tried to curb any angry DMs about chronic coughing as well, it’s like he really knows Twitter.

But sadly that didn’t curb the outrage-brigade.


How DARE Yahsar not be as outraged as everyone else!

Anything to be outraged.

Notice this person didn’t actually read Yashar’s tweet, otherwise, he or she wouldn’t have yammered on and on about having bronchitis.

They’re outraged that Yashar tried to stop the outrage.

Think about that for a minute.


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