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'Almost COMICAL': CNN commentator absolutely lays INTO John Harwood and boy howdy, talk about shots FIRED

Totally bookmarking this winner of a tweet from John Harwood. Isn’t it adorable when he pretends he’s actually a journalist?


How many polls had Hillary beating Trump way back in 2016? Oh yeah, ALL OF THEM. But hey, if John really wants to play the poll game again we’ll sit back and laugh at him. It’s sort of what we do anyway.

CNN political commentator, Steve Cortes, unloaded on John Harwood with both barrels and all we have to say about this tweet is DAMN.

It’s not just John Harwood pretending to be a journalist but we digress.

Right? They were so spot three years ago …

But this time is different because ORANGE MAN BAD.

Wait, orange man was bad then but he’s even worse now … or something.


It’s far more entertaining to watch them implode on election night.

Sounds like people are onto John.

And the rest of the media.


LOL, they’re so mad! Brit Hume seriously TRIGGERS the Left and all it takes is 5 little words about Pete Buttigieg

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