Nobody panders more or harder than a Democrat, and Pete Buttigieg certainly fits the bill.

Take a gander at this.


Oh, we get it, he’s doing the identity politics thing … seriously, how do Democrats put up with this? This editor just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t this seem really fake to them as well?

Energetic pandering.


And of course, since Brit Hume has Pete’s ticket the Left just couldn’t deal with it.


Fox News! Eleventy!

What would these people actually be doing if they weren’t outraged about something on Twitter?

You know what, don’t answer that.


They try so hard, too.

There it is, the old guy joke.

So predictable.

Well, if anyone knows about low info news it’s our good, delicate friends on the Left.

Whoa boy.

The irony in all of these tweets.

You know that face you make when you tell a joke on Twitter and yahoos take you seriously but you don’t really have the energy to set them straight so you just mute the whole darn mess? Just made that face.

Oddly specific, yes?



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