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'Umm, that's racist AF': Rep. Ted Lieu tweets pic of warning sign on his door thinking it's SUPER funny and WOMP WOMP it's not

Ugh, and we thought Eric Swalwell’s tweets were stupid.

Ok, they are stupid but this tweet from Rep. Ted Lieu is pretty stupid in its own right.

We’re not sure if we should laugh at him or be embarrassed for him.


Just kidding, we’re totally laughing at him.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we might do actual, permanent damage.

Their hypocrisy is painful.

Send in the cloooowns …

That’s a new nickname for Ted … we’re not sure if it will stick or not but ya’ never know.




Hrm, sensing a theme here.


Yeah, right.

Too late, we already read it.

And wrote about it.

Our bad.


Now THIS is a meltdown –> Newsweek says America needs 4 more years of Trump and the Resistance SERIOUSLY loses it

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