Newsweek is trolling right? They’ve gotta be trolling.

Or MAYBE they figured out that even if you’re not a huge fan of Trump’s on a personal level he’s actually doing a decent job for this country. Crazy, right?

From Newsweek:

Donald Trump is not your regular politician, everyone knows that. But the level of opprobrium heaped upon him is astonishing despite that personal sacrifice. It bounces off him, of course, because he’s a street fighter in the purest sense and brings with him a level of ferocity that the political world just can’t fathom.

Terrorism, rocketing illegal immigration, economic conflict with China and others: these are the existential issues that leave America in a perilous position in a very dangerous world. Globalism is under attack on every continent as a consequence, and it’s about time that the United States had a president that put the nation first. This is what these times demand and this man has our back.

And as you might’ve guessed, the Resistance lost their damn minds over this article. Newsweek, you traitors!


So make sure you click it a few times, just for her.

Atta girl.

Look at these people … they’re ADULTS.

Ok, maybe in age only.

So mad.

How dare they step outside the Left’s preferred narrative!

The nerve.

They are losing it.

Over an article.

You know, you’d think by now this wouldn’t be nearly as funny as it is and yet … it is hilarious.


Uh-oh, full capslock. Rob is upset.


Yes, the behavior of adults on the Left is beyond horrible.

And laughable.

Our favorite thought is ol’ Tony Posnanski …

He so mad.

SO mad.


Poor thing, he really should get a little more fiber in his diet.


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