The media and the Left (same difference) exploded on Thursday when Trump said he would listen to a foreign country if they said they had ‘dirt’ on a candidate. Idiots far and wide shook their little idiot fists screeching that this proved Trump MUST BE IMPEACHED because … reasons.

Sean Davis wrote a biting thread about their reaction and their ‘obscene hypocrisy’ that really put the entire situation into perspective.

We knew the media were hacks long before now but fair point.

And boy howdy, there are a lot of idiots out there these days.


Hillary was just trying to protect the country and stuff, man.



So much ouch.

You know the yahoos at CNN felt that one.

But let’s not pretend they’re too stupid to understand this, they’re not. They just have a narrative to push and an agenda to support and they assume their readers are too stupid to understand this, which is honestly even worse.

It’s ok when Democrats do it, duh.

See what we mean?