Would someone pretty please get Senator Chris Murphy about a million mirrors because this guy’s lack of self-awareness is STUNNING and not in a good way. He must really think we’re all stupid …

Do you know what should sicken all of us? Democrats ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton did this very thing in 2016 but oh no, let’s trash the entire GOP for not condemning Trump over a completely hypothetical situation.

This freakin’ guy.

Stunning and staggering. Yes indeedy.

Trust us, this editor is sickened.

Amused and sickened.

Dillweed is a word we do not hear enough.

We kinda sorta love that this person used Chris’ stupid tweet to wish Trump a Happy Birthday.

Oh, and if you think Republicans were irritated with Chris just take a look at what the Left had to say.

Seems our good, delicate friends on the Left are even more annoyed with Chris than we are.

Way to go, Sparky.


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