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Don't trust the PATRIARCHY! Jill Filipovic in a panic to crap all over Ted Cruz's efforts to work with AOC in making birth control OTC

Feminists all across Twitter were confused when they actually agreed with Ted Cruz on something.

Imagine how confused they’d be if they really stepped out of that bubble and started talking to real, normal, everyday people. Crazy, right?


Wait, you mean a Republican wants to make birth control available over the counter? Wait, where have we heard this before? OH THAT’S RIGHT, from several Republicans for several years and Democrats always always always shut it down.

See what we mean?

Jill Filipovic has to make sure feminists keep on hating people like Ted Cruz because if they start talking they might actually solve an issue and goodness knows we can’t have that.

No, they shouldn’t be free. Taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for paying for birth control.





Democratic legislators are pushing to keep government control in place, that’s it. They don’t really care about making birth control easier to get, they just care about making sure poor people have to look to the government if they want it.

It’s all about power. Never let them tell you any differently.


These people.


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