We’re not sure which is funnier here, that Live Well Nebraska tweeted this ‘letter’ to Ask Amy OR if Ask Amy thought anyone would buy this load of BS. Perhaps they’re both equally funny and sad at the same time.

From Omaha.com:

Dear Amy: This week, I discovered that my intelligent, hard-working, responsible 24-year-old daughter (who lives with me) is a gun owner! And it’s not a normal gun, either — it is a 40-caliber semi-automatic, and she has hollow-point bullets to go with it.

This can’t be real.

Dear Dumbfounded: According to my research, possessing hollow-point bullets is illegal in 11 states; is it legal in your state to own this sort of exploding ammunition?

WTF? Exploding ammunition?

She continued.

Where did your daughter get this weapon and ammunition? Has she received any safety training or certification? (Accidental gun death is a substantial risk of owning a gun.) Is she perhaps engaged in another activity outside of your household that exposes her to increased risks and makes her believe she needs to have a weapon?

You know that face you make when you’re waiting in parent pick-up and the lady in front of you in the ugly silver minivan refuses to move up even though the cars in front of her are gone? Yup, just made that face.

And normal people have normal guns … shocker.


Note, this editor assumed it was a mother who originally wrote this letter … and it’s the father. What is this world coming too? EL OH EL.

We didn’t want to say it but … yeah.

Ain’t that the truth?



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