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Warren looks like Wilford Brimley! Dem presidential hopefuls (all of them!) with mustaches the funniest damn thing you'll see today

Twitter user @dagotron took it upon himself (herself?) to add mustaches to all of the Democrats running for president and we can’t thank him or her enough:


Hickenlooper should totally grow one.

Pete Buttigieg on the other hand, should not.

Eric Swalwell with a mustache looks like a guidance counselor …

We can’t stop staring at Gillibrand with a stache and WOW, look at Elizabeth Warren. For some reason she reminds this editor of Wilford Brimley. Not to mention Amy Klobuchar looks like the lunch lady who’s had a rough go at life.


You can find them all here.

Sorta from Hickenlooper. De Blasio though? Eh.


A little bit.



It is indeed.


Cue the TINY violins: ThinkProgress reportedly in ‘dire financial straits’ and Tweeps don’t seem to feel all that sorry for them

RUH-ROH! Even Democrats are taking shots at Jerry Nadler and his FAILURE to land a blow vs. Trump and LOL

Don’t start NONE! Brianna Wu tries picking a fight with Matt Walsh and just GUESS how that goes (assist from Dan Crenshaw!)

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