We’re not entirely sure why Brianna Wu took it upon herself to go after Matt Walsh and his faith but this is the same woman who thought the military could drop rocks from the moon to hurt people soooo … yeah.

Welp, this surely went over well.

Oh, wait …

In other words, it’s not a bad thing when horrible people don’t like you.


Brianna answered.

Whoa boy.

Ever notice how hard the Left works to pretend Jesus was a socialist? Which makes it even more obvious they’ve never really read the Bible. Allie Beth Stuckey chimed in:


And boom again.

Did we say whoa boy? Because if so, whoa boy again.

She should have just walked away.

Gosh, we don’t remember Jesus telling people to let the government take their money through gross taxation and distribute it to others while padding their own pockets and funding their own initiatives. Maybe we missed that verse?


Dan Crenshaw had this to add to the conversation.

A ‘democratic socialist’ signals their morality by demanding others share their wealth.

Damn, this guy is good at Twitter.

And Brianna is NOT.


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