A journo for The New York Times found a guy who claims he was radicalized by the far-right on YouTube and he spent months writing about it. The timing of this article seems a tad bit convenient, with what happened earlier this week with Carlos Maza trying to shut Steven Crowder down.

He even wrote a thread about his article.

This took him months?

Alrighty then.


Oh boy.

It’s all a plot!

Or maybe, and just hear us out, but maybe awful people who do awful things would do them even without YouTube … just thinking out loud.

Ever notice how they never go down a far-left rabbit hole?

One guy.

And according to Kevin, only the right is extreme in their politics.

Of course.


We can’t believe he spent months writing this.

Admit it, you rolled your eyes at least once reading this thread.

He said it took him months.



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