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She so MAD! Republicans 'troll' Democrats by taking a page from their censorship playbook and AOC just can't DEAL

It would appear Republicans have come up with a list of words they have ‘censored’ during the House Judiciary hearing … guess two can play at this whole censorship game. And beyond the obvious troll here, we’re guessing they didn’t want Democrats doing what they usually do and turning the hearing into a circus.


We suppose since they’re clowns it’s what they do.

AOC couldn’t wait to waggle her little finger at Republicans and pretend they’re hiding something deep and dark. Gosh, it’s almost like she’s projecting a little.

Wow, she really went off the deep end with this one, right?

*looks for blue checkmark – nope, not the parody*

People on the right only defend free speech so they can be bigots and stuff … good gravy she’s like a dim yellow bulb surrounded by a bunch of vapid moths.

AOC is gonna AOC.


But they’re censoring people!

The reactions to this are hilarious.

Wait, Republicans can censor people too?! THAT’S NOT FAIR.

This whole stupid hearing is petty, Sparky.

Ok for me but not for thee?

Actually, the GOP knew people like AOC and her followers would flip their sh*t if they played the censorship game and are likely having a good laugh at all of this even as this editor writes about it.


Lefties talking about 1984 … HA HA HA HA HA HA

Someone desperately needs to get these people a bunch of mirrors because their self-awareness is like zero.

An ‘AOC explainer’?

Have we mentioned how stupid everything is? HA!


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