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Hallmark Channel BEAT THEM! CNN's ratings continue to TANK impressively and Lefties come completely un-glitter-glued

In other good news, CNN’s ratings were crap AGAIN this past week … they just keep dropping, and dropping, and dropping.

And look at who’s number one.


No wonder Brian Stelter is always complaining about Fox News. We’d be cranky too if we were supposedly a popular news outlet and were getting beaten by Home and Garden, the Hallmark Channel, and Investigation Discovery.


CNN, which finished No. 12 across cable in total prime time viewers, posted +13% year-over-year growth in the daypart. That’s more growth than its cable news competition. On the downside, CNN was -7% in total viewers across total day, despite earning a top 10 ranking in that daypart (No. 9).

So they’re growing but they still suck.

That’s gotta hurt.

Wompity womp womp.


We voted for LOL although truth be told, this editor loves Investigation Discovery.

And since Fox News is in first place again (for the 20th week, wow), the Left was front and center to shake their tiny little fists and act like a bunch of toddlers who need a juice and a nap.



Actually, when it comes to ratings all that really matters are the numbers, pal.

Because people are too dumb to watch CNN? EL OH EL.


Only great thinkers use the term, ‘Faux News.’


They don’t get it, THIS is why they keep losing.

Let’s hope they don’t figure it out anytime soon.


OMG, he is so mad! HA! How hard do you think Trump laughed at Chuck Schumer’s multi-tweet temper tantrum over Mexico?

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