As Twitchy editors, we watch a lot of horrible videos. When you cover Twitter it’s just part of what you do because let’s face it, people tweet a LOT of horrible stuff.

Like for example this clip of a woman named Sophie Lewis who we had never heard of until today talking about abortion being a form of necessary violence pro-choice types need to defend.


Facing a really terrifying attack on abortion.

Something is definitely terrifying but it’s not the ‘attacks on abortion.’

Shocker, a feminist is awful.

Gestational work aka being pregnant.

This chick is seriously off her rocker OR just really freakin’ evil.

Perhaps both.

Something like that.

Right? Democrats should totally run on admitting abortion is murder but murder they should defend and stuff. That will go over great in the Heartland.

They always try and deflect from the fact that a life is being ended. Usually, they go about it by pretending the unborn aren’t human or that they aren’t really alive until XYZ but at the end of the day they know a life ends.

And if we listen to this Sophie person it’s clear they don’t really care.

And that’s our big takeaway here as well. Are we shocked that a pro-abort is evil? Not at all. Are we shocked that she’s honest about it?



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