John Pavlovitz calls himself a pastor, and since he has a pretty blue checkmark Twitter must believe him. Although to be honest, we’re not used to seeing pastors advocate for abortion.

So he asked pro-life women how they could fight against abortion … but he called it ‘right to choose’ because ya’ know, wordplay. Can’t call it what it is. And then when he started getting answers he deleted his question.

Wonder why.

Let’s not pretend even for one minute Pastor John was really asking this question to dialogue with pro-life women. He was doing it to pick a fight and win points with the ‘pro-choice’ group BUT we’re thinking he bit off more than he could chew.

Such is Twitter.

Note, his deleting it meant we had to use it for the feature photo … we’re snarky that way.

Just a wild guess.

You’d think he’d know better but nope.

Ding ding ding.

Because if they’re against pro-life that makes them pro-death so they have to change the narrative.

Which is why we can’t ever let them get away with it.

No wonder he deleted his tweet.


Probably the better question, pastor.

Ironically his entire timeline is about being kind to people … which seems contradictory to his tweet picking a fight about abortion.


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