Welp, we hope Carlos Maza feels better now knowing that thousands of videos that teachers were using to educate people on the history of Nazi Germany have been deleted from YouTube. Shew! People were almost EDUCATED and we can’t have that now, can we?

Imagine being so self-involved and so full of outrage that you’re willing to nuke an entire social media platform to get revenge on one guy.

Way to go, Vox and Mr. Maza.

From Technology Review:

YouTube announced new rules around hate speech on Wednesday that prohibit videos promoting Nazi ideology or denying the existence of the Holocaust or other well-documented violent events like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Thousands of channels are expected to be shut down. But now multiple teachers are complaining that videos uploaded to educate people about Nazi history have been deleted, the Guardian reported.

But hey, as long as Carlos feels better that’s all that matters, right?

It’s almost like YouTube wants to go out of business.

What do they say, ‘Go woke, go broke.’


C’mon Carlos, you did all of this. Take a bow.

All day that. ^


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