As Twitchy readers know (hopefully!), Ted Cruz came out to defend Steven Crowder when YouTube caved to an angry progressive ‘journalist’ named Carlos Maza who got his fee-fees hurt and not only got Crowder demonetized but hurt the livelihoods of dozens of other YouTubers.

Seems Carlos didn’t like Ted defending Crowder … shocker, we know.

Carlos just doesn’t get it.

And PLEASE stop pretending YouTube caters to the right, this is almost as stupid as claiming Facebook and/or Twitter cater to the right. Nothing could be further from the truth.

He continued.

Getting demonetized because Carlos got his feelings hurt is censorship.

Not to mention, when the Left pretends they can define ‘hate speech’ as anything and anyone who disagrees with them … that’s just another form of censorship.

Speaking of not giving these people an inch, YouTube really screwed up here.

Ted responded to Carlos, which is really the only reason we bothered to cover his thread (we’re pretty sure even our readers are tired of him at this point):

Wait, debate? ARGUE IDEAS?! Crazy talk, senator.

Change the channel. What a concept.

Isn’t that convenient?

And goodness knows feelings matter more than facts to Carlos and his supporters.

Sad, but true.


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