The Hill really made the Steven Crowder story sound like a big ol’ nothing-burger.

We’re going to guess that was on purpose …

What a dud of a headline. They don’t mention anything about what actually transpired, how sideways Vox’s Carlos Maza has been and absolutely nothing on the dozens of innocent YouTubers getting demonetized and even shut down because of Maza’s stunt.

Luckily Ted Cruz read past the headline.

This is ridiculous.

And this is already not ending well for dozens of people who did nothing wrong who are losing their livelihoods because some weepy Vox journalist got his britches all bunched up.

Cruz continued.

The Left’s hypocrisy knows no limits, although to be completely transparent as far as we know Jim Carrey does not have a YouTube channel BUT we get where Cruz is going here. The blatant bias is indeed infuriating regardless of platform or outlet.

And since Ted called YouTube out, a senior reporter from HuffPo got his britches all twisted up as well.

These people.

Oh, sorry, our bad. This was Andy Campbell giving Ben Shapiro a hard time for defending Crowder.

One sec.

Aww, there it is. Seems Andy is a little … wait for it … triggered by the whole situation.

So easy. Too easy.

Gosh, you’d think he was the one whose livelihood was being threatened. *eye roll*

Make this happen.


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