Every time we see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go after an ‘old school’ Democrat we chuckle a little bit on the inside because they are a lot like Dr. Frankenstein losing control of the monster they created.

And trust us, AOC is definitely a monster and they created her.

Seems She Guevara has an issue with Rahm Emanuel choosing a job outside of the public sector.

She’s right though, not all Democrats are alike.

Some are socialists pretending to be Democrats, like her.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Our job is to help clients make big decisions,” Mr. Pruzan said. “Rahm has spent his career in the room where big decisions are being made.”

The 59-year-old won’t be the first high-profile politician to land a job in finance—he won’t even be the first at Centerview, where former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin is an adviser. Moelis & Co. hired Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, after he lost his seat in 2014. One of Mr. Rubin’s successors at Treasury, Timothy Geithner, is a top executive at private-equity firm Warburg Pincus LLC.

Mr. Emanuel said he isn’t interested in a sinecure. Sounding like the political operative he is, he said he would help clients “look around corners, to plan a series of moves ahead to get where they’re trying to go.”

Oh, he will help people make and save money.

No wonder AOC is so cranky about it.




She even managed to tick Lefties off with this one.

Way to go, AOC.

Awww, there’s the real reason she’s after Rahm.

That figures.


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