We thought the whole rule about the abortion debate was unless you have a uterus, shaddap about it. Guess the reality behind that rule is they only want men who don’t support abortion as birth control to abide by the uterine rule.

For example, Alyssa Milano retweeted this poor schmuck from the #MenForChoice tag:

As per the norm with pro-abortion types, our friend Ben here clearly has no idea how babies are made.

And, since Alyssa took it upon herself to retweet this it proves she doesn’t know how they’re made either.

Good times.

Because SCIENCE!

Maybe this is why so many on the Left support abortion, they don’t understand how babies are made. Maybe?

Or pay for it. Or take care of it.

The tag really was crap.

Hell yeah.

Umm …

A lot of men actually GET it.

Too bad Alyssa’s pal ‘Ben’ does not.


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