As Twitchy readers know (unless you live under a rock and in this current political environment who could blame you), Vox’s Carlos Maza took it upon himself to go after Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel because he got his fee-fees hurt.

At first, YouTube seemed to side with Crowder, calling it a debate of sorts, but then after more bellyaching, crying, gnashing of teeth, and tantrum throwing from Maza, they demonetized Crowder. Oh, and when they did that they went ahead and demonetized a bunch of other channels because they didn’t want to be giant hypocrites. Or something. So to recap, a Vox journalist may have literally destroyed the careers of dozens of innocent YouTubers just to try and silence Crowder.

Yeah, it sucks.

Most of the YouTubers are understandably very angry with Maza, but Ford Fischer had others thoughts.

Ford has been demonetized as well, just FYI.

While we feel for Ford Fischer, YouTube would never have done this on their own and only after Maza threw the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums did they start demonetizing these folks.

So yeah, it is Maza’s fault.

Even though he tried really hard to put the blame back on YouTube:

Except they’re not silencing people for white supremacy, ya’ nob, they’re silencing them for wrongspeak.

Guess how this went for Maza:

Because ya’ know, it’s all about his feelings.


He owns this. Yup again.

For being thick-skinned he sure does block easily.

It’s almost like Maza and other SJWs don’t understand the idea of the ‘slippery slope’, and even when faced with it, he’s still denying it’s his fault.

Meaning he’s learned nothing.