Let this be a lesson to all the kids out there: if you pitch a big enough tantrum — and you’re a raging leftist — you’ll eventually get the scalp you seek.

Despite pressure from Vox speech police officer Carlos Maza, it seemed like YouTube wasn’t going to cave to his demands and demonetize Steven Crowder:

Well, they’d better have a chat with Stephen Colbert now, because they’ve apparently changed their minds about Crowder:

Way to take a stand, YouTube.


Translation: “Speech I don’t like isn’t free speech.” Hell of a platform you’ve got there, YouTube.

It’s definitely ideological. And it’s definitely not right. Selectively applied freedom of speech isn’t freedom of speech at all.

Pick a lane, YouTube.

Some “egregious actions” are more equal than others.

For now.

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Crowder has posted a new message:



Is that what it looks like when YouTube tries to do damage control?

FFS, YouTube.